Monday, March 05, 2018

First quilts I've had quilted by Joanne Lendaro (and not the last!)

Last week I received two of my quilts back from a fantastic quilter: Joanne Lendaro!  You can find her work on her blog at Splitting Stitches or Splitting Stitches Longarm Quilting or on Facebook.  She asked me to give her a general idea of how I would like the two tops I sent her quilted: did I prefer a modern or more traditional design, and would the quilts be washed frequently, and sent me links to some suggestions she had.

My only other experience with sending quilt tops off to be quilted was using Missouri Star Quilt Company, and though I have had nothing but positive experiences with their service, Joanne was fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I'm working on a quilt for my inlaws and I can't wait to finish it so that I can send it off to Joanne!

Here are the two tops she quilted for me, with backing pictures:

First, Park Bench from a kit.  This was one of the first quilt tops I made.  I made a few extra of some of the blocks to use in place of a few block patterns I didn't like so well.  The fabric was from Carolyn Friedlander and the quilt is approximately 64 x 88.  The quilt pattern is Dancing Vines, which was Joanne's suggestion.

The second quilt is my orange version of Wayward Transparency (QAL instructions here) I added a border to make this about 66 x 96 and used a backing that matches a purse and sunglasses that the intended recipient, Kathryne has!  The quilting pattern is Waterworks.

As I said, I cannot wait to send more quilt tops to her, and to bind and then send the blinding orange one off to Kathryne!  Thank you so much, again, Joanne!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simple hourglass quilt and Park Bench

Missouri Star Quilt Co. posted a tutorial for a super easy hourglass quilt that really lived up to its name: super easy!  I made this for my friend Cindy who loves her dog, Vanna.  So, I decided to back it in flannel printed with dogs and I finally finished it this weekend:

I also went through my WIP quilt tops boxes and decided to send my Park Bench quilt off to be quilted along with the orange wayward transparency.  I made this Park Bench several years ago from a kit:

I am relieved that I'm sending so many things off to be quilted!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Wayward Transparency top in purple

I added the background triangles to the purple top last night, and so the two Wayward Transparency tops are now complete!

This purple version is for my favorite cousin, Beth Ann and is the lap sized version in the pattern.

I'm hoping that my mom doesn't see it first, though, as I'm sure she'd want it. (: 

This was a fantastic QALQuilting Jetgirl has been super informative and friendly, as always!  To see others' tops, check here.

Wayward Transparency top in orange

I decided to make two tops for the Wayward Transparency QAL since I loved the pattern so much, so here's the first one in almost-glow-in-the-dark orange:

This was always intenteded for one of my best friends, Kathryne.  When I last saw her, we decided that I would gift it to her, so it's a twin-bed sized top.

(You'll see at the top of that picture that my dog, Maggie, was apparently exhausted by all this sewing!)

Monday, January 08, 2018

Bye sweet Greta

We had to put our oldest dog to sleep this last week.  She was almost 16 and was having more and more problems with her joints. 

She had always been a very serene, self-possessed dog who loved peanut butter and hated green beans.

Bye sweet Greta!

Magnolia Mystery queen sized top!

I finally finished my Magnolia Mystery top!  I moved the pieced portion to be higher up in the background, since I really hope that we'll actually use this quilt on our bed.

I sent it off to Missouri Star Quilt Co for quilting on Friday, and I can't wait to get it back!

 Since this was so large (almost 90 x 90), I had a hard time getting any good photos of it, which of course meant that my wiggly dog Maggie thought that it was time to play:
She cracks me up!  

Monday, October 30, 2017

Wayward Transparency planning

Quilting Jetgirl has a Wayward Transparency QAL going, so when she posted the possible colorways that she sorted out, I went a little insane.

I decided to do a throw sized one (68"x68") in the Regal to Lavendar colorway that I'll likely gift:

Regal to Lavender 
And one in the Orange to Red colorway, but upsize it to work on our new guest bed (double/full, so something like 85"x 90"):
Orange to Red
 which I'll use when my best friend, Kathryne, comes to visit since her favorite color is orange.  Or maybe I'll give it to her as a gift, too.  (If you're reading this, Kathryne, let me know if this is too orange for you, if that's possible) (:

The first set of instructions was posted Oct. 13, but it wasn't until the first set of piecing instructions were posted that I started.  Either way, here are my cutting pictures and my HST from the Piecing #1 instructions
Kona regal, tulip, lavendar
Kona orange, flame and Chinese red

There's a facebook group for this QAL as well as the Magnolia Mystery QAL, so join in to see all the other quilter's progress!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Magnolia Mystery continued

My Magnolia Mystery quilt continues, and I cannot wait for the next steps to be revealed next Thursday!

Here are the half flying geese units for October with some extra HST that the quilt won't use.  I may add them onto the back or the bottom edge of the quilt, just for some extra interest.

I've decided to use some grey fabric as the backing with a stripe of yellow, somewhat like this

I'll add a list and photos of all of my other WIPs in my next post.  I'm sure I have more than I am remembering!