Monday, February 10, 2014

Teal Carpenter's Star quilt and some HST magic

So I said I'd come back and post about the teal carpenters star quilt that I just finished.

I've been having some problems with the previous carpenters stars' points not quite matching.  This isn't something that really bothered me, as I am really just a process quilter; not a product one, but I thought I might poke around to see what I could do to make things (somewhat) better.  I had been making my HSTs by doing the usual draw the diagonal line on a square fabric and sewing 1/4" from the line, but I had seen some quilters use a larger square to make 4 HSTs at once.

Here's one great site that explains this, and another, and here's the math behind it, from the 2nd link / pinterest:

Since I was wondering if the bias edges made a difference, I cut my squares on the bias, seamed around them, and then cut my HSTs so that they would be on the grain / against the grain, not on the bias. 

Here's the resulting quilt, which has much better points than each of the other Carpenter's Square ones.  Now I just need to sort out who I'm going to give this to!

So what are you doing for Ravellenics?

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Quilting update!

Hi there!
What's new with you?

Clearly, blogging hasn't been at the top of my to-do list, but I have some new crafty things to share:

First, I've started quilting, and since Christmas 2013 has passed, I can now share what I gifted for that holiday:

To my mom, a quilt in (some of) her favorite colors of teal, purple and light green:
 The quilt uses Breeze charm packs and the pattern was from a tutorial at, and I appliqued a moose on the back of it as she has an appreciation for moose that I don't understand.  (The toy chest in the top right of the picture is her toy chest from her childhood, now repurposed as our dogs' toy chest.)

For my Far, an irish chain lap quilt made slightly short, as per his preference, and backed in some fun fabric from Ikea:

I've made this quilt pattern several times this year:
Once for my friend Kathryne, in orange, without the top and bottom sashing:
and once for my friend Cindy, in blues:
And I'm currently working on another version of this pattern in a teal as a thank you present (maybe I'll remember to post it later).

Finally, I also made this pattern for one of my friend's first grandchild, Hannah, using two charm packs of Dandelion Girl and attempted some more applique.

After I finish the third Carpenters star / four hour quilt, I'm thinking about making Starburst from Melissa's tutorial at happyquiltingmelissa.

In other news, I'm gearing up for some spinning with the Ravellenic Winter Games (see Ravelry for more info)
 and planning some heirloom gardening this spring using some seedsaver seeds!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Random spinning

So as I said a few months ago, I've been spinning!  Here's my first handspun sock yarn:
 Which I made into these socks for me:
The pattern for these was Knitty Twist, found at this Ravelry link.

I also made these socks for my friend Kathryn (because she's awesome!) from some handspun columbia:
And then, several scarves for my mom, including this one from some roving from Crown Mountain Farms (pattern is Annis, from which I think is a great pattern)

And, since I don't have enough pictures in this post, here's some more of some roving that came with a spindle I bought, though I can't remember what brand it was.

Yay!  Check out my ravelry stash for more photos (I'm julene144)

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So I've become a mite obsessed about spinning (as it's my newest hobby), so about 3 years ago I used some birthday money from myself, my mom, and step-grandmother, the lovely Farmor, to buy a Kromski Minstrel from the Woolery! I bought it unfinished, then used Danish oil and steel wool to finish it myself.

This one is of the newly finished treadles and the unfinished wheel
And here's the completed wheel.  The finish has gotten a little redder in the intervening 3 years, but I still love it!

Fortunately for me, the Woolery is about an hour away, and stocks all of the other Kromski wheels. So now I'm in the market for another one, and I'm trying to decide between the Symphony and the Polonaise.


 To document my notes:

Both have matching specs:
  • Wheel: diameter 24" 
  • Orifice: height 25" - size 3/8" 
  • Bobbin size: full 4oz. - 3 included 
  •  Ratios: 8, 12, 16 and 20 to 1 
  • Bearings on wheel shaft, bobbins and treadle 
  • Leather bearings on flyer 
  • Both convert between Scotch tension and Double Drive 

The only difference is in the design, and the Symphony is 1 lb lighter than the Polonaise; 15 lbs vs. 16 lbs. I tried out a Symphony at KSFF and loved the faster wheel (as the diameter is larger than my 18" Minstrel) I do have a larger wheel already (a Canadian Production Wheel), but it needs a little shimming / gluing / something, and I'm considering selling it to have something that I am not afraid to breathe on or have the dogs around for fear of breaking it.

So, if you're in the market for an antique wheel (say ca. 1900), let me know!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ABCs of me

I got this a while ago, and since I'm starting this blog over for the third time, maybe I should do this to introduce myself.

A - Age: 32
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: vacuuming
D - Dog’s name: 2: Greta, a lab greyhound mix and Maggie, a "two-tone" lab, both from local humane societies
E - Essential start your day item: kiss my husband good morning
F - Favorite color: yellow
G - Gold or Silver: gold
H - Height: 5′ 7"
I - Instruments you play: none very well
J - Job title: Librarian
K - Kid(s): none
L - Living arrangements: uhm, in a house? (this reminds me of MASH, the drawing/counting game we played as kids)
M - Mom’s name: adoptive mom, Mary Beth; birth mom, Mary Jo
N - Nicknames: MJ, Jules, J or JJ (lots of people can't pronounce my name, so I have lots)
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none
P - Pet Peeve: loud people
Q - Quote from a movie: “Get some rest, Pam" - Bourne trilogy
R - Right or left handed: both
S - Siblings: a sister, Inge; two brothers, Randall and Ryan
T - Time you wake up: Between 5:30 and 6:00 AM
U - Underwear: err, clean
V - Vegetable you dislike: Lima beans
W - Workout style: Running, weight, yoga
X - X-rays you’ve had: back, teeth
Y - Yesterday’s best moment: a treat from my husband
Z - Zoo favorite: I don't like zoos

Monday, August 13, 2012

Clearly I haven't posted anything in a while, but I need some more "space of my own" so here goes, again. I've been thinking lately about how to reduce my stress. Obviously de-cluttering, both physically and psychologically, helps me manage my stress better, but it never really takes care of everything that's stressing me out. So, I continue to ponder my next exercise plan, and spin, and talk things through with my spouse and a couple friends, and get sucked into yet more stressful situations. Maybe I should just stare at this picture some more, and pretend that I'm there.
While I'm at it, here's a picture of our new dog, Maggie:
I've been spinning some gorgeous rambouillet-targhee cross from the Etsy seller, Ranching Tradition's flock from last year's shearing. The fleece looked like this:
and I'm attempting to spin it like Margaret Stove (whose name I always pronounce in my head the way she says it in her lovely New Zealand accent "Maaa-gret Stove") by washing it one lock at a time. I'm not sure that it's going to make the yarn any better than my usual, but we'll see. It's washing up really nicely, though my zoo thinks it's really fun to chase / eat / play with the staples as they dry.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

today's the 5th anniversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my birth mother's suicide. In some years this day goes by without me thinking too very long about it, but somehow this year is different. Maybe I am dwelling on this too long, or maybe I just shouldn't blog about it or at all, but I miss her. I feel like the duck (?) in Are you my mother - I just want my mama.

Here's yesterday's "harvest" from the garden:

For all the gardeners out there, this is:
5 jet star tomatoes
1 marglobe tomato
2 big beef tomatoes
3 elite bell peppers
3 big bertha peppers (the skinnier ones)
1 little fingers eggplant
2 rainbow carrots (from the give-away packet from Harris Seeds)
1 burpless cucumber
3 handfuls of grape agriset and supersonic tomatoes (the cherry ones)
1 serrano peppers
a bunch of spinach
a bit of cilantro (already bolted, but we still eat it)

I plan on canning some salsa and some spaghetti sauce this weekend.